Packer Bottles - PET, Vacuum & Ionized

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Packer Bottles - PET, Vacuum & Ionized

Packer Bottles - PET, Vacuum & Ionized

Pre-cleaned PET Packer Bottles feature glass like clarity and are durable, rigid, and impact resistant. PET &; resin code “1” &; is the thermoplastic polymer resin Polyethylene terephthalate, also occasionally abbreviated as PETE. PET plastic packer bottles have exceptional gas and moisture barrier properties and provide a good alcohol & solvent barrier. Qorpak's Vacuum and Ionization process enables the PET packers to be ready for use for most applications.

Contaminants such as loose dirt, carton lint, aerosols, and fine glass particles are removed by the Vacuum and Ionization process.

V & I Cleaning Process:

  • Compressed air passes through a condensate separator and coalescing filter to remove aerosols and fine dust particles.
  • Next, the air passes through an absorbent filter to remove gases.
  • A vacuum draws the particulate-laden atmosphere out of the container.
  • Individually cleaned closures are immediately placed on the container.

Benefits of Qorpak V & I:

  • Is extremely cost-effective.
  • Saves time! No need to waste valuable time rewashing bottles.
  • Provides a clean final appearance. You will not find any dust particles floating in your samples.
  • Seals cleanliness into each individual bottle. Since each container is individually cleaned, they will not collect dust, flies, and other debris while stored in your lab.
  • Odor-free and tasteless. The air inside the bottle will not interfere with your product in any way.

Please note: Vacuum & Ionized items are not returnable. Typical lead times for Vacuum & Ionized items are 3-5 days.

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